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World Vision Raw Hope


A true case of Innovate or Die

World Vision is the world’s largest international children’s charity. 80% of their funding historically came from one single product – child sponsorship. They hadn’t innovated beyond this product since the foundation of the charity in 1950.

We worked with the charity to resolve a number of issues they faced. Firstly, they were too commercially reliant on child sponsorship. Secondly, they couldn’t make child sponsorship work in the most dangerous countries. Thirdly, the horrors facing these children in unstable countries were so extreme, no major charities had dared to tackle them head-on.

As the one of the leading global charities for children, World Vision had a duty to help these children living in immediate danger.

Our solution was Raw Hope.

Most charity products focus on sustainable, proven, long-term change. Raw Hope focuses on the immediacy and uncertainty of life and death. A completely new product, Raw Hope subverted traditional charity thinking, instead using an insight taken from the gambling and gaming category, ‘I want to maximise the potential of my money, even if that means risking it all’.

Raw Hope was aimed at a younger, more masculine demographic, open to risk. A new audience not only for World Vision, but for the third sector more widely, where older, risk-adverse females tend to be the main audience.

It tackled head-on the issues that other charities shy away from, such as female genital mutilation, child marriage, rape, and child soldiers.

We also identified that to keep consumers giving regularly, we had to give them something back regularly. We produced a monthly film based on raw footage gathered in the unstable countries for whom we were raising funds. The unedited, often shocking, video was used to illustrate the genuine danger and need for donations.

Raw Hope is one of the fastest growing innovations in the charity sector, dealing with some incredibly difficult issues honestly and directly, and protecting and saving children in the world’s most dangerous places. It gathered over 5,000 regular givers in the first 6 months of launch. This represents over 25% of total new donors to the World Vision brand. The product will be responsible for over £10m of donations over its first 5 years and represents a step change for the World Vision charity.

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The View from the Shard


How do you create Britain’s first luxury tourist attraction?

The View from the Shard is the experience at the very top of Western Europe’s tallest structure. With unparalleled, astonishing views of the capital – at 800ft, visitors can look down on the Gherkin – The View from the Shard represents a new level of visitor attraction.

An exciting, unique, and game-changing proposition, the View from the Shard opened in 2013 and sought to build on its growing reputation as a tourist destination. Whilst looking to attract a high number of ticket-buying visitors, The View from the Shard is a resolutely premium brand. The marketing challenge was to create a high-impact campaign that still represented a high-end experience.

Putting to use our experience with luxury brands and our understanding of audience segmentation for visitor attractions, we set about analysing the marketplace and trends in consumer behaviour. We always start with a strategy and here, we focused on leisure attenders who seek the newest and most innovative experiences – those that have a drive and energy to be the first to see the latest and the best. Marrying this insight with what The View has to offer led us to our creative route.

The big idea, “High Definition”, positioned The View from the Shard at its rightful place as the ultimate, best-of-the-best visitor attraction, and put it in opposition to the “standard definition” views of other London structures and buildings. There is literally nothing like it in London and since its construction has redefined the landscape of tourism in the capital. A year ago London’s views were standard. Welcome to High Definition.

Using epic, cinematic ariel photography and a restrained, elegant layout, we created a striking campaign that has been rolled out across outdoor, print, and digital. Each season the creative has been adapted appropriately through copy and visuals, giving the campaign longevity and relevance.

Since launch, High Definition has helped produced superb results, selling a spectacular 24,552 tickets during Valentine’s week and 14,249 during the Kids Go Free campaign, representing a 64% and 182% increase in weekly ticket sales respectively. With some of the busiest times of the year ahead, The View from the Shard is looking forward to more sky-high results.



Housewives aren’t on social media, are they?

Hovis didn’t really have a presence on social media, nor a point of view. The audience it had gathered, whilst impressive in terms of size (100,000) was too young and too male to be representative of the target demographic of Hovis.

Historically the brand had focused communication on bread, and other product credentials. The brand wanted to harness the power of social for Hovis, change the demographic that was interacting with the brand, and find a relevant and interesting voice.

After careful research to understand both the consumer and the goals and promises the Hovis brand were looking to fulfil, we landed on the central idea of ‘wholesomeness’. This incorporated the wholesome nature of the product and brand and acted as a beacon for ‘wholesome’ living, through a return to traditional values, a rejection of the artificial, and encouragement of families to reconnect emotionally with one another.

The master brand end line ‘Hovis – As Good Today As It’s Always Been’ was shortened to ‘Good Today’ and framed the new social proposition of delivering a little piece of wholesome goodness to people every day.

The content was shifted from a product focus to a lifestyle focus, encapsulating the wholesome goodness that Hovis stands for. Posts such as ‘Mum’s dinnertime rules (No mobile phones at the dinner table!)’ and ‘Picnic rides to work up an appetite’ catered much better to the interests of the target demographic, and provided more compelling stories for people to engage with.

The results have been dramatic, both in terms of audience demographic shift and depth of engagement. In the first quarter of the campaign, we increased daily impressions by 508% and average daily engagements by 39%. The audience has shifted into the Hovis heartland of 30-50 year old females, and reach has increased three times. “People talking about this” on Facebook has increased five-fold, showing how engaging the new content is.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label


Walking around the world

Johnnie Walker Blue Label sits in the ‘super-premium’ category of whiskies. At the very pinnacle of the Johnnie Walker ‘colour’ stable, this whisky has a strong and enviable image to maintain, and it is in demand around the world.

Today, millions of bottles of this luxury icon are sold annually in some 200 countries. Five of Johnnie Walker’s top seven global markets are in the emerging world, including Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, China and a region the company calls ‘Global Travel Asia and Middle East’. With such a vast number of countries to present the product to, Diageo needed to communicate centralised ideas to a wide spectrum of markets at varying life stages with the brand.

With a desire to integrate all major innovations into regional markets in the slickest manner possible, Diageo briefed Futureproof to assist with developing a global management system to explain, streamline, and manage the brand and all of its executions in different markets. Inherent in the brief were the necessity for both superlatively designed digital toolkits and the ability to get under the skin of the brand, becoming fully integrated in the fabric of the client’s company and structures – acting as support for the Global Brand Team in every way.

As well as crafting beautiful and comprehensive designs, Futureproof leveraged their unique agency-side Brand Management capabilities to add significant value to the content. Our comprehensive understanding of the super-premium spirits category ensured the content was both relevant and engaging for the reader.

The toolkits were designed to engage more deeply with Brand Managers across different regions and specifically to encourage take-up across as many markets as possible. Understanding Diageo’s full innovation, gifting, and marketing processes from ideation through to flawless execution has been an important part of Futureproof’s work. The toolkits have been described as “world class in terms of creativity and clarity” by the Diageo Global Managing Director.

Futureproof’s global management helped contribute to an outstanding performance in 2013 for Johnnie Walker. The iconic scotch remains one the world’s most powerful brands and is leading the way within the global spirits category, growing net sales by an impressive 15%. This system has also contributed to Johnnie Walker becoming the only drinks brand to be included in a 2014 ranking of the world’s 50 most innovative companies, joining Google, Nike, and AirBNB. The brand was praised for “thinking globally, but pulling heartstrings locally”.



Helping Mums and Dads cook from ‘scratch’

Taking care of your family is hard work. Apart from the stack of housework that needs to be done, parents want to feel that they’re providing a healthy and interesting meal at dinnertime. But the inspiration and legwork that goes into being creative every evening is a challenge. Indeed, many parents lack the confidence and expertise to cook for their children, with over 75% of parents knowing fewer than five child-appropriate meals.

Organix developed a product range that would allow parents to feel proud of the meals they prepared for their children, Cook with Organix. Their sauce bases provided the basics of a range of meals and cuisines – including a tomato base for mediterranean meals, and a spicy base for curries amongst others – which allow parents to spend their time creating and putting together the exciting bits of the meal without having to do so much preparation but knowing it’s flavoursome and healthy for children.

Futureproof were asked to help position this new product, and drive awareness and sales. Researching the Cook with Organix key audience, we identified their requirement as, “I want to cook my baby the most healthy and balanced meals possible, but cooking from scratch is time consuming and I lack inspiration and confidence”. We devised, designed, and executed the ‘Created by Organix – Made by You’ campaign.

To capitalise on the product’s unique benefit as a cooking aid that helps mums experiment and produce a variety of toddler meals, we constructed a Facebook cookbook app that combined a competition mechanic with a recipe database. Mums were asked to submit their own recipe creation using the Cook with Organix range and share this on the Facebook app. The ‘Made by You’ campaign was integrated across many channels to access the biggest and most relevant target market. To encourage trial, downloadable coupons were also provided, which doubled as a data-capture mechanic for the client. We then worked with the brand team and other external agencies to amplify the plan with ERM, blogger outreach, Mumsnet ad-spend, an innovative direct mail campaign, and outdoor media in and around baby-changing facilities.

Over 8,000 mums used the Facebook app, delivering a 455% increase on the KPI target. A total of 2,278 coupon downloads represented a 918% result against the target.

White Stuff


A Lovelee Jubilee for a Lovely Brand

Casual lifestyle clothing brand White Stuff were celebrating their 25th Anniversary and wanted to use the opportunity to build greater brand awareness and deepen engagement among their existing customers.

As a brand, White Stuff had a core following within a tight demographic but very little awareness of their brand heritage, owing to relatively low levels of brand activity outside their high street presence – wonderfully creative boutique stores in small towns and suburban communities.

With a clear understanding of the consumer and objectives, we created a White Stuff brand experience away from stores in order to engage the existing and wider customer base: ‘The Lovelee Jubilee’ – an experiential, social, and viral campaign.  This took place at multiple events and festivals across the UK where women in their late 20s and 30s were in high majority and open to the idea of new forms of engagement.

The Lovelee Jubilee included a bus tour, where we converted a traditional Routemaster bus to visit 22 village fetes and festivals across the UK, reaching 764,000 people in total.

Within the experience, visitors to the Bus Tour found out about Ivy and Lil: two seamstresses of the company who had been with White Stuff since its inception in 1987. As lively characters with energy that belied their years, Ivy and Lil’s story created incredible buzz throughout the festivals – something which we used to further extend the reach of our campaign. Our branded YouTube channel followed the adventures of Ivy and Lil as they completed ’25 things to do before you die’. This included driving a super car, DJ-ing with Groove Armada, having tea with Dot Cotton, and even projecting themselves ‘naked’ onto the Houses of Parliament. Ivy and Lil tried it all and brought total awareness of the campaign to almost one million people.

The interactive experience within such a distinctive setting and the use of their oldest seamstresses provided White Stuff with the opportunity to express their brand heritage in a way that commanded attention from the audience. We encouraged data capture throughout the campaign via a competition which drove sales via voucher redemption and increased footfall into store, bringing an overall return on investment of £2.27 for every £1 spent – greatly overachieving versus White Stuff’s expected return and the initial campaign objectives.



Crushing crash for cash scams

As unbelievable as it sounds, as many as one in seven road accidents are now thought to be induced for illicit financial gain. This crime, known as ‘Crash for cash’, affects completely unsuspecting motorists and is very difficult to actively avoid due to the random nature and lack of warning signs. Crimestoppers and the Insurance Fraud Bureau were working to tackle the problem and briefed Futureproof to create an advertising campaign to combat this crime. The campaign would be targeted to regional hotspots, through outdoor media in major cities such as Manchester and Birmingham, and an informative leaflet for a door drop.

The campaign needed to be factual for motorists, and, crucially, to encourage suspicious or concerned people on the periphery of Crash for cash schemes to take action. So the advertising needed to quickly explain the problem, why people should care, and what they should do. Being a problem that is not well-known or understood by the public, the necessity for simple, clear communication was paramount.

Futureproof created the campaign ‘Accident Tomorrow’, based on the police incident boards that traditionally report dates and timings of accidents that have already happened. The concept played on the idea that an accident was being planned. The campaign highlighted the problem in a simple and impactful way, using the visual language of road accident signage with a twist to make viewers remember the message.

The aim of the campaign was to raise the number of phone calls to the Crash for cash hotline. Results pending.

Prostate Cancer UK



Prostate Cancer kills 10,000 men a year – as many as breast cancer – and is projected to be the most common cancer in the UK by 2030. With 40,000 people diagnosed every year, it is a major health problem that requires urgent support. As a cancer that affects men, often reluctant to discuss or deal with medical issues, this is a disease that needs a powerful message to keep it at the forefront of people’s minds.

Prostate Cancer UK lead the charge against this illness. Having just rebranded and incorporated another charity (Prostate Action), they were in a stronger position than ever to fight against prostate cancer and prostate diseases. With this in mind, Futureproof was asked to develop a new regular giving initiative that would reinforce their new branding, raise awareness, and drive donations to help achieve their goal of ‘radically transforming the future for men with prostate cancer and prostate disease.’

Futureproof developed ‘Save the Man’, a compelling initiative that garnered support through its targeted imagery and copy, designed to speak to men who want to protect the people they care about. We tailored the campaign to fit different audiences, including a younger audience that had never previously been targeted. The campaign positioned men as an ‘endangered species’ – a bold statement to highlight how important the problem is.

‘Save the Man’ was launched across various media, including a DM pack, magazine insert, and an email for Men’s Health, which was also another first for the charity. We added another variable – the type of ask – and used tracking mechanics to identify where the communications had the greatest impact.

The Save the Man campaign achieved exceptional results – calls made to the Save the Man helpline increased by 15% over the year of the campaign.


Comic Relief


Catapulting Monkey to super-stardom

Monkey is a self-proclaimed major league A-list celebrity, superstar-slash-actor, biscuit aficionado, and all round good chap. A national treasure and pop-culture phenomenon, he is famed for his tea-drinking appearances alongside Johnny Vegas on television sets across the country in advertising for PG Tips. After ITV Digital was disbanded, Monkey was ‘gifted’ to Comic Relief.

The brief was to use his engaging personality via social media, for the benefit of the charity – year round.

Personality-wise he’s witty, friendly, a bit pompous, and always right. He loves talking to his adoring fans and letting them bask in his aura of fame and amazingness. However being so famous has its drawbacks – for example, not having time to manage your social media presence as you continue your drive for super-stardom. Futureproof were asked to handle Monkey’s social media, and to help get more people than ever before to engage with the woolly superstar. As Monkey puts it, “I thoroughly enjoyed a good chin wag with the nice people at Futureproof, who impressed me with their knowledge and experience of all those new-fangled digital thingumajigs that I don’t have time to fiddle with. I do have a high-profile acting career to attend to after all.”

Futureproof manage Monkey’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, posting updates in his voice about his personal life. Futureproof combined their copywriting prowess with creative input from across the agency to generate new posts to help Monkey achieve superstardom. Monkey’s posts have ranged from his dream dinner party guests (Fearne Cotton, David Attenborough and Pippa Middleton incidentally), to commenting on popular culture events, to getting involved in Sport Relief (or rather, avoiding participation at all costs). Crucially, Futureproof have helped Monkey to craft engaging posts about his merchandise and book, in order to keep generating income for Comic Relief.

Since Futureproof started working with Comic Relief, Monkey’s followers have increased and the engagement of the audience has improved dramatically. The average post reaches over 10,000 people, representing over 20% of the follower base (compared to the 2-5% industry norm). Average monthly engagement has increased by over 25% since the new campaign started. With a record 40,000 organic reach for a single post in May 2014, Monkey looks forward to continually strong results in the future (he’s a very demanding boss).



Meet the Metropolitans

Metro is the world’s biggest newspaper, published in over 150 cities in 24 countries, and with over 18 million readers from Canada to France to Argentina. They call their readership ‘Metropolitans’ – a young, vibrant, connected demographic that care as much about what they wear as global political issues. This Metropolitan segment have specific tastes, attitudes, and behaviours that Metro pride themselves on understanding better than any other media company in the world.

Metro publish an annual report about Metropolitans and city life. This report covers everything from money to relationships, and provides an amazing level of insight into their readership. Used for both B2B sales and consumer engagement, the Metropolitan Report is a key tool for Metro’s territory offices around the world. In order to make the most of it and generate interest, they briefed Futureproof to create a series of videos to bring the data to life in an engaging way and confirm Metro’s thought-leadership in understanding and communicating with this demographic.

We devised a creative look and feel that matched Metro’s modern and stylish urban brand, inspired by mid-century animation and digital cityscape illustration. This was used as the basis of sleek and simple flash animation to provide a cool and unique style.

By analysing the data from the report, and immersing ourselves in understanding the Metropolitans, we could devise four segmentations, embodied in detailed character archetypes, whose lives and attitudes were summed up in the videos. In all, we provided a creative idea, key art, script and art direction, as well motion graphics expertise.

The four videos (‘Louis’, ‘Dani’, ‘Karl’, ‘Marko & Ana’) each took a lighthearted look into different urban lifestyles, from single graduates to newlyweds. Using humour and humanity, the videos pointed viewers towards the statistical nature of the report whilst maintaining an entertaining tone.

Metro’s results on this project are pending but the videos have already been watched over 1,500 times on YouTube. Futureproof’s video work helped the Metropolitan Report win Silver Awards at the 2014 Communicator Awards in the Integrated B2B campaign, B2B Brochure, and Content Marketing in Image and Infographics categories.

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Hovis Taste Sensations


The best thing since sliced bread

Hovis is the number one brand in the premium section of the bread category as a result of the continued success of its Hovis Granary and Hovis Seeds Sensations performance. As brand leader, it is equated with attributes of tasty, nutritious, and high quality.

With high consumer engagement in the ‘Bread with Bits’ category, Hovis identified a new opportunity: to create a premium tier of the category that elevates bread from simply being a carrier of flavours and filling. In a new to market innovation, Hovis have created ‘Taste Sensations’, a range of bread imbued with added taste and flavour to enhance sandwiches, or as an accompaniment to a meal. The three varieties in this new range are sun-dried tomato, basil pesto, and fiery sweet red pepper.

Having worked with Futureproof before, Hovis asked us to develop engaging campaign ideas to launch their Taste Sensations sub-brand and drive front-of-mind awareness. Thinking about the experimental foodie audience that wanted to give their masterpiece sandwiches the ingredients they deserve, we created ‘loaf changing’ – a simple and elegant campaign heroing the flavoursome breads as a whole new world of flavour.

Futureproof also worked with a chef from a Michelin starred restaurant to create ‘signature serves’ for the three flavours to provide inspiration to the consumer, such as goats cheese, preserved lemons, and bitter salad leaves on fiery sweet red pepper bread, and roast beef, whole grain mustard mayo, and rocket on sun-dried tomato bread.

We directed a photo shoot to show the bread in all its glory and prepared lead creative as well as launching adverts in The Observer Food Monthly and point of sale in Sainsbury’s. Now in store, we are awaiting results from this exciting campaign.



Building a relationship with Mums

Nobody understands infant nutrition better than SMA, with 90 years of expertise in feeding babies. From formula to baby food, their products support all of the first stages of life.

After years of category leadership, a lack of internal investment and focus meant the brand had slipped to number three. SMA needed to deepen the relationship they had with mums, and create a relationship that went beyond the product. They wanted to refresh their long-standing ‘Know-How’ platform with something more relevant. The overall goal was to place SMA as the go-to brand for support and advice whilst showcasing their infant formulas.

Futureproof were briefed to create a deeper relationship between SMA and mums, and take the relationship from ‘necessary product’ to ‘trusted brand and partner’.

From our research, we discovered that the main thing that mums wanted was reassurance. Reassurance that at this incredibly tricky, emotional, and daunting time, they were making the right decisions and doing ok. Particularly around the delicate, emotional, and controversial subject of breastfeeding and weaning. They didn’t want to be dictated to; they just wanted trusted, gentle advice from people who had been there before. Indeed, their most trusted source of information was their own mother.

We created an insight based campaign called ‘We know, because we’re mums too’. We heroed the mums who were working at SMA, writing the guides, and giving the advice. It was critical that we made sure the tone of voice was supportive, and ‘mum to mum’.

As part of this process, we ran user testing to create an optimal and logical user journey through all touch points both on and offline. We ensured that the right messages with the right tone were being provided to mums during pregnancy and early childhood, to make sure SMA was supporting mums every step of the way.

We then redefined the visual language of SMA to show the realism of mums and motherhood. This took us away from scientific and product led photography towards lifestyle based imagery.

Once this new visual and tonal language had been defined, it was applied to almost 1,000 touch points of interaction that SMA had with mums during their maternal journey.

To launch the campaign we sent out half a million ‘We’re mums too’ packs to pregnant women and new mums, illustrating the commitment of the SMA brand to them and their journey through motherhood.

The results were outstanding and immediate. Within six months, the brand increased levels of interactivity with mums, and dramatically shifted the perceptions of SMA to a more ‘caring’ and ‘supportive’ space. But perhaps the most encouraging result has been that commercially the brand moved from number three in market to number two within six months, and is now pushing to regain the number one spot.


Modernising UK's largest pub company


Enterprise are the largest pub company in the UK, but you are unlikely to have heard of them. That’s because their enormous portfolio of over 5,400 pubs (for comparison there are 700 Starbucks in the UK) are all purposely not branded as Enterprise pubs and are independently run.

An increase in pub closures, and growing pressure from lobbyists to review their business model, catalysed Enterprise’s need for a rethink. They wanted to establish a fresher, clearer and more transparent identity, more fit for the modern world of leisure.

Futureproof were tasked with helping Enterprise to reposition their brand. We performed a significant audit of the company and brand to see what was going wrong and in doing so, we identified three central areas of focus. Firstly, they needed to become a brand with personality; secondly, they were constantly firefighting negative publicity; and thirdly, they had no real way of corresponding with their 5,400 Publicans, sharing best practice and stimulating interaction.

After conducting research with groups of Publicans, stakeholders, and consumers, we landed on three central ideas to address Enterprise’s problems. Firstly we created a brand, based on the essence of ‘Empowering the Great British Publican’ – and built a graphical and tonal language for the company to consistently communicate within. Secondly we created a CSR scheme called the ‘Community Hero Awards’ – designed to not only allow Enterprise to have a positive impact on the communities their pubs were in, but also to enable them to have positive conversations with the media. Thirdly, we created an online and offline internal communication platform called ‘Empower’ – designed to reignite the relationship between Enterprise and its 5,400 Publicans.

This commitment to marketing and communication was a significant shift for the 20 year-old company who had never really worked with a creative agency before.
The results were dramatic. Not only did relationships with Publicans significantly improve, and Enterprise commit to spending £10million in the local communities of their pubs, but the commercial performance of the business also turned a corner. Over the three years that Futureproof have worked with Enterprise, their share-price has enjoyed a more than five-fold increase, from 27p (2011) to £1.50 (2014). And as of March 2014 the firm reported like-for-like net income growth of 1.1% for the six months to March 31, making it three straight quarters of growth for the first time since 2008.




Belvedere vodka was the world’s first super-premium vodka. 600 years of vodka producing expertise and an uncompromising commitment to quality have made it one of the leading luxury spirits in the world, currently growing at +34% in the UK on-trade.

The brand dominates the nighttime, in clubs and bars and is heavily associated with opulent and exclusive high-tempo nights out. However, in the profitable and growing lower-tempo summertime outdoor drinking occasion, the brand didn’t really have a presence or any saliency. Cocktails, long mixed drinks, and social pitcher serves were the choices of consumers in these moments.

To create relevance for Belvedere in these sociable, relaxed summer drinking occasions, we created ‘The Garden’ by Belvedere, a unique luxury sociable pitcher cocktail with an incredible serve.

The Garden was the first cocktail of its kind to be served in a watering can, indeed it was the first luxury cocktail to be served in a multiple drinks format, and immediately drove intrigue, envy and crave appeal. The unique cocktail inside (a twist on old-fashioned lemonade) was then customisable through the mini herb garden served with the drink. Each member of the group could therefore tailor their cocktail to their individual specifications, picking their own herbs from The Garden.

The drink will be launched in Summer 2014 – results to follow.

“Futureproof understand our unique requirements and are brilliant at balancing creativity and results. We love working with them.”

Innovation Manager, Comic Relief

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