Piping Hot Pizza Delivered Direct to Your Door

Pete Gomori

A story I often tell is of a radio advert I heard a few years back. Regrettably I’ve since forgotten the brand, but the advert called out the line “piping hot pizza delivered direct to your door”.

I’ve always remembered this line. As unique selling points go, it’s not the most compelling – surely in fact this is the bare minimum you would expect from your pizza delivery company? Anyone promising anything less – “Lukewarm pizza delivered 50 metres from your living room” – is not going to do very well.

Being genuinely unique is hard but I’d much rather hear about what makes a company different or special – even if it’s not the core benefit of the product. For example – “truly authentic pizza” or “imaginative pizza creations” would not necessarily be unique, but it would be a higher-level (and more emotive) statement of their intentions for your dinner.

Even if they had said “just seriously tasty pizza it would have flagged them as cheap and cheerful without being so uninspiring.

The point I’m trying to make is – don’t describe what you do, find a way of painting a picture for people of the meaning your brand can have for them and their lives. Comfort; excitement; happiness. These are the things that motivate people to engage with your brand, even if the functional offering is important to the service.

The reason I often mention this is that I see brands doing this over and over again. Keep your eyes open and you’ll see what I mean. As for your own brand – it’s actually not even about writing a clever end line, it’s about understanding yourself and finding your magic, finding your story. If you can do that, the end line will write itself.

Author: Pete Gomori