Comic Relief

Catapulting Monkey to super-stardom

Monkey is a self-proclaimed major league A-list celebrity, superstar-slash-actor, biscuit aficionado, and all round good chap. A national treasure and pop-culture phenomenon, he is famed for his tea-drinking appearances alongside Johnny Vegas on television sets across the country in advertising for PG Tips. After ITV Digital was disbanded, Monkey was ‘gifted’ to Comic Relief.

The brief was to use his engaging personality via social media, for the benefit of the charity – year round.

Personality-wise he’s witty, friendly, a bit pompous, and always right. He loves talking to his adoring fans and letting them bask in his aura of fame and amazingness. However being so famous has its drawbacks – for example, not having time to manage your social media presence as you continue your drive for super-stardom. Futureproof were asked to handle Monkey’s social media, and to help get more people than ever before to engage with the woolly superstar. As Monkey puts it, “I thoroughly enjoyed a good chin wag with the nice people at Futureproof, who impressed me with their knowledge and experience of all those new-fangled digital thingumajigs that I don’t have time to fiddle with. I do have a high-profile acting career to attend to after all.”

Futureproof manage Monkey’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, posting updates in his voice about his personal life. Futureproof combined their copywriting prowess with creative input from across the agency to generate new posts to help Monkey achieve superstardom. Monkey’s posts have ranged from his dream dinner party guests (Fearne Cotton, David Attenborough and Pippa Middleton incidentally), to commenting on popular culture events, to getting involved in Sport Relief (or rather, avoiding participation at all costs). Crucially, Futureproof have helped Monkey to craft engaging posts about his merchandise and book, in order to keep generating income for Comic Relief.

Since Futureproof started working with Comic Relief, Monkey’s followers have increased and the engagement of the audience has improved dramatically. The average post reaches over 10,000 people, representing over 20% of the follower base (compared to the 2-5% industry norm). Average monthly engagement has increased by over 25% since the new campaign started. With a record 40,000 organic reach for a single post in May 2014, Monkey looks forward to continually strong results in the future (he’s a very demanding boss).