Crushing crash for cash scams

As unbelievable as it sounds, as many as one in seven road accidents are now thought to be induced for illicit financial gain. This crime, known as ‘Crash for cash’, affects completely unsuspecting motorists and is very difficult to actively avoid due to the random nature and lack of warning signs. Crimestoppers and the Insurance Fraud Bureau were working to tackle the problem and briefed Futureproof to create an advertising campaign to combat this crime. The campaign would be targeted to regional hotspots, through outdoor media in major cities such as Manchester and Birmingham, and an informative leaflet for a door drop.

The campaign needed to be factual for motorists, and, crucially, to encourage suspicious or concerned people on the periphery of Crash for cash schemes to take action. So the advertising needed to quickly explain the problem, why people should care, and what they should do. Being a problem that is not well-known or understood by the public, the necessity for simple, clear communication was paramount.

Futureproof created the campaign ‘Accident Tomorrow’, based on the police incident boards that traditionally report dates and timings of accidents that have already happened. The concept played on the idea that an accident was being planned. The campaign highlighted the problem in a simple and impactful way, using the visual language of road accident signage with a twist to make viewers remember the message.

The aim of the campaign was to raise the number of phone calls to the Crash for cash hotline. Results pending.