The truly wholesome social media campaign

Hovis didn’t really have a presence on social media, nor a point of view. The audience it had gathered, whilst impressive in terms of size (100,000) was too young and too male to be representative of the target demographic of Hovis.

Historically the brand had focused communication on bread, and other product credentials. The brand wanted to harness the power of social for Hovis, change the demographic that was interacting with the brand, and find a relevant and interesting voice.

After careful research to understand both the consumer and the goals and promises the Hovis brand were looking to fulfil, we landed on the central idea of ‘wholesomeness’. This incorporated the wholesome nature of the product and brand and acted as a beacon for ‘wholesome’ living, through a return to traditional values, a rejection of the artificial, and encouragement of families to reconnect emotionally with one another.

The master brand end line ‘Hovis – As Good Today As It’s Always Been’ was shortened to ‘Good Today’ and framed the new social proposition of delivering a little piece of wholesome goodness to people every day.

The content was shifted from a product focus to a lifestyle focus, encapsulating the wholesome goodness that Hovis stands for. Posts such as ‘Mum’s dinnertime rules (No mobile phones at the dinner table!)’ and ‘Picnic rides to work up an appetite’ catered much better to the interests of the target demographic, and provided more compelling stories for people to engage with.

The results have been dramatic, both in terms of audience demographic shift and depth of engagement. In the first quarter of the campaign, we increased daily impressions by 508% and average daily engagements by 39%. The audience has shifted into the Hovis heartland of 30-50 year old females, and reach has increased three times. “People talking about this” on Facebook has increased five-fold, showing how engaging the new content is.