Helping Mums and Dads cook from ‘scratch’

Taking care of your family is hard work. Apart from the stack of housework that needs to be done, parents want to feel that they’re providing a healthy and interesting meal at dinnertime. But the inspiration and legwork that goes into being creative every evening is a challenge. Indeed, many parents lack the confidence and expertise to cook for their children, with over 75% of parents knowing fewer than five child-appropriate meals.

Organix developed a product range that would allow parents to feel proud of the meals they prepared for their children, Cook with Organix. Their sauce bases provided the basics of a range of meals and cuisines – including a tomato base for mediterranean meals, and a spicy base for curries amongst others – which allow parents to spend their time creating and putting together the exciting bits of the meal without having to do so much preparation but knowing it’s flavoursome and healthy for children.

Futureproof were asked to help position this new product, and drive awareness and sales. Researching the Cook with Organix key audience, we identified their requirement as, “I want to cook my baby the most healthy and balanced meals possible, but cooking from scratch is time consuming and I lack inspiration and confidence”. We devised, designed, and executed the ‘Created by Organix – Made by You’ campaign.

To capitalise on the product’s unique benefit as a cooking aid that helps mums experiment and produce a variety of toddler meals, we constructed a Facebook cookbook app that combined a competition mechanic with a recipe database. Mums were asked to submit their own recipe creation using the Cook with Organix range and share this on the Facebook app. The ‘Made by You’ campaign was integrated across many channels to access the biggest and most relevant target market. To encourage trial, downloadable coupons were also provided, which doubled as a data-capture mechanic for the client. We then worked with the brand team and other external agencies to amplify the plan with ERM, blogger outreach, Mumsnet ad-spend, an innovative direct mail campaign, and outdoor media in and around baby-changing facilities.

Over 8,000 mums used the Facebook app, delivering a 455% increase on the KPI target. A total of 2,278 coupon downloads represented a 918% result against the target.