Prostate Cancer UK


Prostate Cancer kills 10,000 men a year – as many as breast cancer – and is projected to be the most common cancer in the UK by 2030. With 40,000 people diagnosed every year, it is a major health problem that requires urgent support. As a cancer that affects men, often reluctant to discuss or deal with medical issues, this is a disease that needs a powerful message to keep it at the forefront of people’s minds.

Prostate Cancer UK lead the charge against this illness. Having just rebranded and incorporated another charity (Prostate Action), they were in a stronger position than ever to fight against prostate cancer and prostate diseases. With this in mind, Futureproof was asked to develop a new regular giving initiative that would reinforce their new branding, raise awareness, and drive donations to help achieve their goal of ‘radically transforming the future for men with prostate cancer and prostate disease.’

Futureproof developed ‘Save the Man’, a compelling initiative that garnered support through its targeted imagery and copy, designed to speak to men who want to protect the people they care about. We tailored the campaign to fit different audiences, including a younger audience that had never previously been targeted. The campaign positioned men as an ‘endangered species’ – a bold statement to highlight how important the problem is.

‘Save the Man’ was launched across various media, including a DM pack, magazine insert, and an email for Men’s Health, which was also another first for the charity. We added another variable – the type of ask – and used tracking mechanics to identify where the communications had the greatest impact.

The Save the Man campaign achieved exceptional results – calls made to the Save the Man helpline increased by 15% over the year of the campaign.