The View from the Shard

How do you create Britain’s first luxury tourist attraction?

The View from the Shard is the experience at the very top of Western Europe’s tallest structure. With unparalleled, astonishing views of the capital – at 800ft, visitors can look down on the Gherkin – The View from the Shard represents a new level of visitor attraction.

An exciting, unique, and game-changing proposition, the View from the Shard opened in 2013 and sought to build on its growing reputation as a tourist destination. Whilst looking to attract a high number of ticket-buying visitors, The View from the Shard is a resolutely premium brand. The marketing challenge was to create a high-impact campaign that still represented a high-end experience.

Putting to use our experience with luxury brands and our understanding of audience segmentation for visitor attractions, we set about analysing the marketplace and trends in consumer behaviour. We always start with a strategy and here, we focused on leisure attenders who seek the newest and most innovative experiences – those that have a drive and energy to be the first to see the latest and the best. Marrying this insight with what The View has to offer led us to our creative route.

The big idea, “High Definition”, positioned The View from the Shard at its rightful place as the ultimate, best-of-the-best visitor attraction, and put it in opposition to the “standard definition” views of other London structures and buildings. There is literally nothing like it in London and since its construction has redefined the landscape of tourism in the capital. A year ago London’s views were standard. Welcome to High Definition.

Using epic, cinematic aerial photography and a restrained, elegant layout, we created a striking campaign that has been rolled out across outdoor, print, and digital. Each season the creative has been adapted appropriately through copy and visuals, giving the campaign longevity and relevance.

Since launch, High Definition has helped produced superb results, selling a spectacular 24,552 tickets during Valentine’s week and 14,249 during the Kids Go Free campaign, representing a 64% and 182% increase in weekly ticket sales respectively. With some of the busiest times of the year ahead, The View from the Shard is looking forward to more sky-high results.